Comfort Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

While some people feel comfortable at the dentist, and some others might even enjoy the dentist, others may not have quite as easy of a time. That’s why Desert Sage Family Dental strives to make the entire experience as relaxed as possible, from the waiting room itself to the general atmosphere our staff creates. We also offer

 comfort dentistry services to keep even our most anxious patients at ease.

Our priority is your comfort, and our staff fosters a kind and warm office environment, completely free of judgment. In our waiting room, you'll experience a soft atmosphere complete with candles, soft chairs, and televisions. We also offer all of our patients a blanket, a pillow, and a pair of sunglasses to maximize coziness and minimize brightness during their appointment.

And if you or your child need extra help relaxing, we offer laughing gas as a safe, powerful sedation tool designed to offer the calmest dental experience possible.

Laughing Gas

patient smiling with dentist after discussing comfort dentistry options before her procedureLaughing gas, or inhalation sedation, is a light form of sedation that is typically offered to young patients or those who experience mild anxiety in the dental chair. This colorless, odor-free gas is administered through a comfortable breathing mask. Dr. Teiman carefully controls the amount of gas to ensure maximum safety and comfort. With this form of sedation, you can expect to be fully relaxed while still fully awake and able to follow instructions.

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